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I’m Back

In the past few weeks since The Color Run there have been quite a few changes in my life and career.

First and foremost, I was promoted at work to the role of Children’s Advocate! I now work 8:30-5, have weekends off, and get back to doing what I do well! Working in the main shelter was exhausting and stressful. Now, there are so many possibilities!

Aside from the daily Child Care duties, I’ll also be facilitating the After School Program, a book club, and several resident art activities thru the week!

Finally, I’ve taken on the duties of teaching the Parenting class. Now, I’m not a parent myself, and people don’t take too kindly to a successful college grab pointing out the painfully obvious fact that they are terrible parents, so I need to re-work the approach to just building family bonds.

On a depressing note, my trip to Disney World is officially cancelled. The transmission in my car is starting to give out, so we’ve crunched the numbers and I have to get a new car. I’ve been crying all afternoon. Yesterday Sarah and I bought our tickets. Thankfully we ordered refundable tickets.

On the knitting side of life:

Working on a set of Minion hats and booties for Other Rachel. They’re coming along slower than I like, but then again I have less time to knit at work now.
My last Saturday night in the main shelter, Girl Taylor and I got to hang out and knit with my favorite teen resident. It was a great bonding moment.

I’m still extremely depressed about yet another lost attempt at having a grown-up vacation for once. I’ve worked so hard and had to suffer so much to try to get established as being independent enough to do things like this.

Stupid cars.
My horoscope even predicted it. Fuck.

(I’m a capricorn in case you didn’t know)

Hurts so Good

Frenchy and I ran The Color Run today!

Today was also my first on site CASA training day, and thankfully the director was ok that I was late. We had such a blast!

The Zumba warm up was a little too raunchy for my taste with all the little kids around, but it was fun!

This is why I love Frenchy, she’s do full of life and joy and really helped me pull thru the race, especially after having the worst case of the stomach flu, and I hope you all will forgive my absence as such.

Definitely burned off many much needed calories! And although I may not walk tomorrow, it was well worth it!!

Take a Moment

Remember those three Christmas stockings I cranked out in December?

Well, I’m working on a fourth one. It’s going as a baby shower gift to the new mommy in this lady’s family.

Every time I think I have a quiet moment in my office to crank out a row or two, someone comes into the office for some petty need or trivial complaint about roommates, wanting to use the elevator, and all manners of real non-issues. I can’t remember the last time I actually helped a lady regarding something about working thru their Domestic Violence. Instead of being an Advocate for these women, I feel like a personal maid.

But enough about all that, check out my quilt!!

This was a terrible idea. My Hookers have been hand quilting as a 365 Day project as you know, and I’ve always been fascinated by quilting.

I’m less than one square in and I already regret this decision.

You know how long it takes to hand-quilt? You know how tiny a hand-quilting needle is? My hands cramped almost instantly, and I’m only doing a baby quilt!

I will definitely finish this one, but it’s gonna be a while before my sanity lapses and I do a King size like Brooke is doing.

Now, in knitting news, I received my first shipment from Yarnbox yesterday, and I’m in love!!

This is a 50/50 merino/silk blend from a wee little Swiss designer and it’s called Siidegarte, or Silk Garden. I cannot wait to cast in but I have stockings to finish!


Pretty Words

I could tell you about my previous weekend from Hell at work. I could tell you all about suicidal CASP workers, (those are people fulfilling community service for minor crimes). I could tell you about being covered in someone else’s pee for two day in a row. I could tell you about the most precious baby in the world whose mother does not deserve him. I could also tell you about the most beautiful and annoying man slut that feeds me pretty words but has a bad habit of over-booking all the women in his harem, which for me has lead to some interesting run-ins.

I will spare you all this because I love you. This is a place of fluffy, warm happiness to get away from my life on this real-time Jerry Springer episode. I love you, an no one should have to live this struggle in their thoughts as I do in real life.

I will, however, tell you that I am about to embark into a realm that has always been a mystery and a daunting, intimidating challenge for me.


My Hookers have their own little quilters circle as part of a 365 Day challenge. This quilt is Sarah’s, she’s a Hugh fan of bright stimulating colors put together. And this one is Brooke’s

The feline in question is Leo, Sarah’s cat, who is a bit of a man-slut himself. Brooke was not pleased when he sat down in her hoop mid-stitch.

I’ve always been fascinated by quilts but never had the gumption to try it myself. Sarah’s mother is an expert quilter. When I went home yesterday, I found loads of fabric I had had stashed away, in hopes of someday breaching this strange new world of needle and thread.

The time is now!

Well, technically it won’t be until Sarah comes over on Friday to help me, but still! The time to quilt is upon me!!!



I’m just about done moving the last of the small bits from home to my new home with Other Rachel. As of today, my beloved yarn stash has been put in its place. Most if my yarn is organized in bins by fiber content or by project type, (like sock yarn, etc) under my bed, while I’ve still made space for my on-going and other pre-planned projects.

Those shelves are technically three dinky shoe organizers, but nicely serve as a project organizer and yarn display. Scarlet fits nicely there, sometimes I forget how little my wheel is!

Speaking of Scarlet, I woke up yesterday to familiar music, and upon further investigation I realized to my delight that OR was watching Gone With the Wind. It was a great bonding moment.

I also busted out Fettucini Alfredo. From scratch.

Now accepting boyfriend applications. Monogamous inquiries only.


Home Away from Home

It’s been just less than a week in the new house with Other Rachel. I’m still settling in, and it’s weird not having my parents around, and I miss Rosie. Like a lot. I’ve cried twice already over it. But, I had to grow up some time.

So here’s a little bit of the moving process

This is our little kitchen. It’s been a little odd having to mark territory over cabinet space, but it is what it is.


Mom got us all these other goodies. She’s been a tremendous help, I’m so blessed to have her less than a mile away.

I put this fancy shelf together myself. Cause I’m a grown ass woman nshit, haha!


Our lovely living room! Isn’t it charming? Overall the place is small, no pantry which is kinda cramping our style. But I had full reign over my room and bathroom!

I went with an Indian theme, just barely caught the shelf in the reflection. My bedroom is coming along, but it’s still a work in progress without my beloved yarn stash and Scarlet.

It’s still gonna take a week before I’m sure I’ll really feel settled in, but I think this is gonna be good for me. Now we just have to figure out Internet and we’re set!


We’re Moving On Up

Blissfully my weekend got WAY better than the week before. I had a splendid Valentines Day with my buddy and spiritual guru Frenchy

Manicures, pedicures, sushi, and cocktails. Plus a whole lot of catching up and good old-fashioned gossip. I couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine. Honestly if the population were to dip to the point where women outnumbered men and Polygamy was the only answer to survival of our species, I’d totally be ok having Frenchy as my Sister Wife.

Next, Saturday. Went to work a little early to help my co-workers sand and paint the new walls in our new Child Care area, and the residents mostly behaved themselves. But like a lake in the Amazon, the surface of the water may be calm, but beneath is a swarm of hungry piranha!

Then Sunday rolled around, and I had a lovely day with Other Rachel

We had gotten a Groupon for a BYOB painting class! I had to work after we got done so we skipped the mimosas. For those of you who don’t know, O.R. and I don’t drink more than one sample a month in the first place, which makes this story earn a little ironic chuckle. Our class was offered over painting dolphins, and we had a blast!!



We had a total blast! We are definitely going to take another class here in the very near future!! We will be hanging these beauties up side by in the new place!

I have the next three days off from work and I am going to be busy busy busy the entire time!

As you know, O.R. And I are moving in together, and for me, the timeline has been moved up and up and up ever since we signed the lease. Flexy is moving in next Saturday, which is going to take all day because she has so much more than I, but I’ll be working. I was going to go ahead and move my bed, two dressers, two bookshelves, and Scarlet my wheel to the new place in Thursday and spend this upcoming day and tomorrow to pack and buy any last-minute needs.

But apparently we could have a tornado on Thursday. Showers. Thunderstorms. And good old Tornado Alley unpredictability. I don’t want a wet mattress, but that’s just me.

So I’ve started to prioritize my non-furniture packing.

This means my yarn storage.

I’m really only limited to the space in my tiny ass room, which is gonna be cramped as it is. I’ve been pruning my stash of all the crappy acrylic yarn I never use, Frogging old projects that no longer hold any interest to me, and just going about sorting and re-organizing by content and such. I’ve got bed elevators to put most of it out of sight underneath, but it won’t hold it all.

And it sure as hell ain’t going in the garage. No. Freaking. Way.

I’m trying to find a creative way to display my handspun yarn, but I think it may have to be temporarily banished to a Rubbermaid. We shall see.


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