Frog It

Sometimes, you find a yarn or a pattern. You admire how nice, colorful, soft it is. You may wonder about what this could become. You envision it in all four seasons to determine the style and fit. So you put your heart into it. You take care to not only know what that yarn is… More Frog It

Shawl Shock

So, I don’t know what it is, but psychologically every year when the weather gets coder, I start hordes of new projects. Now, in my defence, I did just finish one I started last year. It’s called Simplex. I made it with yarn I got from Yarnbox last year. Love it, but it needs a… More Shawl Shock


So, I’m working on a sweater. It’s a lovely Superwash wool in a diving autumn colorway. When you see the Mona Lisa… Keep looking…. There you see it? Funny how colors play out ain’t it? I took a step back and took stock of my life thus far. I got accepted into nursing school, my… More Visions


Lots of AmorΓ© going around these days. I got to help Bloody Mary renovate the yarn shop today We were cleaning out the last of the acrylic into closeout bags. I cannot wait to get my hands on all the new Fall fibers and yarns. This is Prince. We’ve also had a magical weekend ❀… More Hearts

We Are Pack

I tell yah, it’s really fun how all my friends happen to live so close to me. We may go weeks at a time without seeing eachother because life gets busy, but we are always near. Always ready to drop everything for a late night walmart run for ice cream to be eachother shoulder to… More We Are Pack


So, a coworker of mine is starting the process of training to join a roller derby team in town, and I figured, dare i? So, my first ever practice, first ever time on quad skates, I broke my elbow on my third fall about 30 minutes in. Long story short, I’m a dumbass. It was… More Limits

Tour de Fleece 2015

I’m about to wrap up my second Tour De Fleece!! I’m having a blast and really cranking out some pretty yarn. YUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM I’m hoping to get at least one more complete skein done before I leave for Florida this weekend. This year I sort of crashed a team for someone I found on Instagram who… More Tour de Fleece 2015