Guys…i finally did it… WE ARE LIVE ON ETSY!!!! I have three rolags listed right now, I ran out of time before class to upload more, but oh, more is coming believe me!! SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE  Luscious, no? This is my Purple Lady in Falkland and Angelina  And this is Decorative cactus, my faaaavvvveee. Corriedale, … More Living

Meant to Live

It’s officially Fall Festival season!! So many exciting things happening around my neck of the woods. I went to Fiber Daze just outside of town and totally splurged on some goodies. I got to learn how to use a Russian spindle, and scored some luscious mohair and tees water locks. Yum! Also, it was Cider … More Meant to Live


I have been cleaning like a mad woman lately. It goes to show that your environment can really reflect the madness within. I’ve tidied up and organized my living room, and cleaned out my closet. Mostly I cleaned out my closet because so many clothes no longer fot, sadly, but oh well. This is why … More Reclaim

Back to Reality

So I’m sitting at work after a blissful 5 nights off. If I may be so bold to say so, those five nights were f***ing MAGICAL. MAGICAL I TELL YOU. I got so much knitting done, got to see my boyfriend, and even worked ahead on homework!! I also got some very productive knitting done … More Back to Reality

Lewd, Crude, Rude

So I’m sitting here at work. I know this isn’t the place to appropriately address such issues but I’m particularly agitated this evening. I won’t say I regret going to nursing school, because I’m not a nurse yet, but good lord do I hate having to work at this place while going to school.  For … More Lewd, Crude, Rude

Catchi ng Up

So, guess who’s got a new gig as an intermediate knitting instructor at a brand new yarn shop? This classy cat mom!! I am excited beyond words. On top of finalizing my first round of inventory for my Etsy shop I am just completely tickled to be doing something I love and sharing it with … More Catchi ng Up


For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling like I belong somewhere. Things are good in life, albeit I do have to take 40 hours of my week at work potentially getting screamed at by eastern Europeans with a bad case of munchies, but other Tha. That, life is swell. The second Knit … More Formation 

Growing Strong

House Martel, if youre a fan of Game of Thrones, has the house sigil of a rose. I had a lovely rosebud that I tended while I was living with officer rachel, but alas, she killed it. So, I’ve needed a new distraction since my Instagram was hacked and distorted last wek. But we won’t … More Growing Strong

Better Days

Yet another mass shooting. Yet another round of innocent people with lives cut short. Yet another innocent group of people who just so happen to have loose commonalities with a monster stereotyped and blamed. Islam does not promote this. Responcible gun owners do not promote this. Hate promotes this. Ignorance promotes this. Kindness is free. … More Better Days


I’m sitting here at work on my break. I’ve been diligently knitting and actually finishing projects, (shocking!!) And working on beautiful items to bestow upon you all on Etsy. The time is drawing near. I’ve enjoyed my three weeks or so of being out of school for the summer, but I’m going to start getting … More Time