This is a step by step kind of post today, so hang tight. Several months ago my friend Carolyn of the Chain 344 podcast was kind enough to sell me some beautiful Icelandic fleece she got this year. What was originally just a 1lb request turned into 1lb each of three different fleeces  And they … More Origins


I think I’ve set myself up for failure. I’m all set to test knit a shawl for Knotty Gnome, and I’m so excited!! It’s a beautiful half pi shawl with a lace border. That’s all I can show you for now! I have permission to share my progress as I go along. Now I need … More Chewable


So, my dearest cousin Brittany came to town woth her adoreable baby Q this past weekend  And I finally taught her how to knit. She’s been trying for a long time, but we finally got it done!! It was good to go out and see my uncles and hang out with all this wisdom. I … More Familia

Another One

Well…it turns out my parents have decided that I’m moving this Sunday. Time to pack all the things and, most importantly, all the yarn.  But, whatever. I’m excited for Nick and I to move in together woth my kittens, but it’s just kind of a bummer to not have a space I can decorate and … More Another One

Sock War 2017

Guys, alot has happened lately. For the sake of not boring you to tears, I’m just gonna talk about Sock War. So, for the first time in over 5 years, One City Market is hosting it’s Sock Assassin’s game. The rules are simple; everyone starts the same sock pattern at the same time for their … More Sock War 2017

Ply Away

Guys, I am never going to talk myself out of going on trips ever again. I’m currently lounging in our second hotel room for this trip, watching the sun come up and I’m just so thankful. I spent my weekend at Ply Away, a spinning retreat in Kansas City. And this has been pretty close … More Ply Away