I’m sitting here at work on my break. I’ve been diligently knitting and actually finishing projects, (shocking!!) And working on beautiful items to bestow upon you all on Etsy. The time is drawing near. I’ve enjoyed my three weeks or so of being out of school for the summer, but I’m going to start getting… More Time


I pulled forth a fleece from my stash today. It’s a beautiful 2.1lb chocolaty brown fluff muffin of love. I plan to wash it presently. I’ve also been going thru my stash of handspun yarn in preparation for my Debut. There will be beautiful yarn and lush colors abound. I shall tease you no further… More Fluffy


It is with much consideration that I have finally decided to dive in with a venture I’ve been dreaming about for years. Next month, I will be opening an Etsy store! I will tantalize and delight you with handspun, Comercial spun yarns, and beautiful roving along the way. I love the fiber arts community and… More Debut

Well Spun Prayers

Mantra Before Spinning Take this fiber, For it is my life. Though it may be Drafted Twisted with tension Single and Strong Plied and plentiful This Creation is to Create Beauty This is the Fiber of Life, Spun for You Blessing for New Yarn Our Fiber, who is well drafted, Wooly be thy base. Thy… More Well Spun Prayers


Due to my I’ll fortune of my payroll mistake and owing quite alot in taxes, my magical weekend of yarn debauchery in Kansas City had too be cancelled. And, to add to it, we had quite the weekend at work. Numerous patients were medically ill on top of their normal mental instabillity. One more person… More 2017


My world has predominantly revolved around work and school. The first is starting to overpower the second. But no more, I will not be picking up crazy extra shifts. A couple of days ago I saw something that totally lifted my heart: I came across this lady during the annual #GetYourYarnWishesGranted event this past christmas,… More Connection

Oh my oh my

I once had to make a glorified PowerPoint with music when I was in high school, and so I figured that I could try my hand at Podcasting. This is nothing like that project. Someday woth a little luck maybe I will be one of the inspirational few who ca take a whole chunk of… More Oh my oh my


These past few weeks have been hellacious, to put it plainly. Working full time on top of three days of nursing school has been rather draining. My domestic duties of housekeeping have seriously lacked lately and it has kind of piled up around me. I’ve finished some major projects lately. I finally finished a cardigan… More Wreckage

Get it Together

Well, it’s the second week of nursing school. Last week the weather caused school to cancel for two days. Needless to say, we’re way behind. I cast on a sock to work on for lecture. This just happens to be the very first sock yarn I ever bought, it’s been sitting in my stash for… More Get it Together