A day to Dye for

Well I have been very busy this weekend. Had a Saturday final yesterday, followed by a terrible shift at Job #2, and now I have developed a cold. However, Friday was great.

I found this link for how to dye yarn with, of all things, Koolaid!

So, I decided to give it a go. I had this pre-knit swatch of an Alpaca-blended sock yarn.

And much to my delight, it turns out that this was knitted with two strands of yarn together, which means that I can now make an actual pair of socks instead of a pair of ankle socks. Not that there’s anything wrong with ankle socks, I just think being stuffed down into shoes defeats the purpose of a good custom dye job. So, I set about the half-hour process of splitting the yarn into two skeins.

As you can see, it was all crinkled and looks like Ramen Noodles


Once that was done, I realized I only had one package of Strawberry Koolaid, so I could only do one skein today. I set the water and powder to boil with a little extra water than the original video stated to use. And I started pre-soaking the yarn in water.


As soon as that simmered, in went the yarn. I didn’t even squeeze out the extra water because I was using a big pot, and it was pretty shallow in the water. I even added a little extra water, so in total I probably used a total of 2 1/2 cups. I kept to the rules and didn’t stir the yarn around, but because it was so shallow I had to pick it up and move it around quite a bit so it wouldn’t be splotchy.


The best part: The yarn soaked up the color entirely. The water left in the pot was completely clear. The whole process took about ten minutes to absorb, and I am so happy with the result!


It looks so good! I absolutely can’t wait to find the perfect pattern wo complete this process!

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