Knitting Away

Well, it’s a new year full of new possibilities, both knitting wise and professionally. I’m so excited to start interviewing for a Child Life internship this summer, that process starts first thing next week, I’m so nervous!

In the knitting factory, I have taken stock atop my yarn stash and unfinished projects, including the slouchy hat and fingerless gloves made out of that Under the Sea yarn I dyed last week or so. I also picked up my purple cardigan I started last year as well. I have a bad habit of starting a project on an impulse without really being committed to it.


Like this one for example, it’s a dress I altered by using bigger needles to make the yarn go further, resulting in what looks like a threadbare remnant. I decided to forsake the time and effort and frogged it; or in knitters speech, un-did it. Now I have lots of dark green cotton yarn to use for something else.

Knitting is forgiving, it really is. It’s not like dieting or exercise where you miss a workout and the world comes to an end, it’s fixable.

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