Days Go By

School has been a little time-consuming, hence the lack of postage. My apologies.

I’ve been able to knit quite extensively these past few weeks. I’ve finished projects like those self-striping socks, I’ve started projects such as a blanket and a second pair of socks using the neon-pink yarn I dyed with Koolaid, (See post: A Day to Dye For), and more important yet time-consuming than all of that, I’ve been frogging projects.

I have frogging projects, but I love how good I feel when I see a big pile of yarn that gets a fresh start in life. I’ve ripped out about three projects this week, found new patterns to utilize the yarn with, and then in a final show of strength, I put then away so I wouldn’t start them.

So may say I have commitment issues. Others may say I have ADHD. And others still may say I am neglectful and impulsive by having so many projects-in-progress.

I say to hell with that, I’ll do what I please and knit in whatever I’m in the mood for.

These are my newest Monkey Socks with that alpaca Koolaid yarn I mentioned. Isn’t it gorgeous?!?


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