Honesty: Is it the best policy?

I like working. I like being busy. I go to school full time, (all day twice a week), I work one job two nights a week, and a second job four days a week.

But not this week apparently.

There are several nights a week that The scheduling manager has said that although I am very available for night shifts, he has no intention of scheduling me to work them. So, I will fill my time elsewhere. And I politely told my main boss that I would fill it with another opportunity.

He was working on the schedule during our little chat and said he would happily give me the green light.

I get home and see that I have a measly two shifts this week. Disappointing is an understatement.

But, opportunities abound with all this free time on my hands. I will have time to finish various custom order knits I’ve got lined up, maybe finish the Simplest Sweater I’m doing in the Knit-a-Long, But most importantly, I’ve got a hot date…

Now, attention from male beings is few and far between for me. I mean really, I’m tall, overweight, kinda funny looking and, come on people! Very few beings see knitting as sexy, (the ones who do are even more rare).

But I have a date all day long with the most handsome boy ever! He’s blonde, blue eyed, and 2.

I will also be seeing his 6 month old brother at the same time. Aren’t I racy?

I haven’t babysat in a while, but these boys are oh-so delightful! So, it’s time to get back in the saddle in working with kids again.

Now: back to business. Last time I told you all about this Knit-a-Long we had a few changes go down. I went to the yarn shop to find the one last ball I knew I would need to finish this thing, and they were out of my color of yarn!!

So, we did a switcheroo. I ripped out the yoke of the first sweater. And started over with this luscious grey. Here’s what’s fun: it’s the SAME blend of yarn! Both yarns I chose for this project are 70% merino and 30% alpaca!! But the texture and feel is totally different! I’m glad this was a good change.

But, we hi another snag. I managed to wiggle in the project while it was still on the needles and discovered it would be too tight. Other knitters working in this project were all having odd sizing issues. So, I ripped out what I had of the body and cast on more stitches under the arm pits to give me more room. Here it is:



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