Ok, obviously we are taking a step away from my usual geek-out over my current knitting projects to enter the ever intimidating world of fitness. I have been occasionally going to yoga with my best friend, we’ll call her Flexy.

Flexy is my other half, literally. Our birthdays are approximately six months apart, she is petite and fair where as I have darker hair and eyes and have an Amazonian body type, she’s a Water sign as I am an Earth sign, you get the picture, we complete each other.

Flexy is also a former gymnast, which makes the idea of yoga with her all the more intimidating. Oh, and our favorite class so far happens to start at 6 AM. Yes, we are that devoted.

The only thing I hate about this yoga class is a series of poses going from downward facing dog to a plank to a cobra and back to downward facing dog, in a very basic an I technical nutshell, the chataranga series. Long story short, my head feels like its on a roller coaster ride.

Yesterday after work I had the most excruciating headache. I wound up heading out with two friends of mine for sushi. Now, something you must know about me: I would commit various acts of crime to lead an economic life style where I could gorge myself to bloatation every day on sushi. However blissful and content my taste buds and tummy, this headache would not stop. Even persisted into today. I
Convinced the continuous up and down and up again exertion is the culprit. Moral of the story: SCREW YOU CHATARANGA!!! No me gusta para nada!!!

Like my rhyme?

Now, back to business: I cranked out six of these lovely Hexipuffs today to add to my long-running rainy day project, The Beekeeper’s Quilt. If you haven’t heard of it, I strongly encourage you to look it up, for it is lovely. I decided to go with a light, spring colored pallet. It just seems to fit with the hexagonal honeycomb shapes, but that’s just me. I’m trying to catch up to my knitting partner in crime, we’ll call her Katherine the Great. She has almost 60 of these done in the last two months we started this crazy thing, where as I have been devoting my time else where and have accumulated less than 20. Oh well.


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