Bee Keeper’s Quilt

Well, of all the crazy things I’ve tried with knitting, I think I may have set another goal that’s lofty, even for me.

I have started The Bee Keeper’s Quilt, an ongoing project consisting of hundreds of these little pillows called Hexipuffs. I knew going into this that I could need almost 400 puffs to make a respectable sized blanket, but because of my competitive nature, start it I did. Katherine the Great, my knitting buddy, already has almost 40 of her puffs complete in a blissfully random assortment. I don’t have her eye for making random bits fit together like her.

What I love about this project most is that it allows me to use up all my scrap yarn that’s been laying around for years. I don’t like to waste anything.

I have decided to try and make a picture from my hexipuffs. No idea how that’s gonna go. I completed the one below last night, tacking on the flower in duplicate stitch. Perhaps I’ll have a little stream full of wild flowers?



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