It’s been an interesting week with my friends and I. Boys: Suck. That may not be fair, and excuse me if i sound bitter, but they sure as hell do when they treat women like servants and dogs, but thats not my story to tell, I’m just an observer.

Ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I had a streak of madness/inspiration today. I’ve been thinking about getting into natural dying with flowers on my wool. Today, I just took a chance and went for it.


This wee purple weed is called Henbit, and is also known as Nettle. It’s all over my freaking yard. So I picked a bunch, threw it in an enamel pot, boiled it, and checked it….


Totally wasn’t expecting yellow!! This plant is similar to spinach, and was a total mess to try to filter out. But I let it cool for a short while and realized I had nothing to set the color with to make it ‘permanent’ except my stash of koolaid. I didn’t want to go hunting for the invisible stuff so I opted for the lemonade, which only has a milky color to it, so it wouldn’t distort from the true color. Here’s what happened:


It’s got a little bit of leafy stuff stuck in it because of my half-assed filtering attempt, but hey! I found an abundant, free, and NATURAL dye source!

Come on spring!!

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