One of the girls I used to swim with in high school once called me ‘The Machine’. I’m not sure if it was because I was the long-distance swimmer or because I was big and noisy. But today, I happily re-claim my old adolescent nickname:

I am The Machine

…the Cardigan Knitting Machine…

I am less than thirty rounds And fifteen minutes of sewing in ends away from completing my first pullover sweater, the Simplest Sweater KAL I joined back in March. It. Is. Gorgeous!!! I will definitely cast on this pattern in the future!!

Now, you obviously know there is a difference between a pullover sweater and a cardigan, so here is why the name has been reclaimed:


I had a vision of a wine colored yarn I had bought years ago before the first yarn shop here in town closed down. For some reason, I was filled with this Uncontrollable urge to tear my house apart until I found it. And I found all seven skeins of it.

Since then, I have gone about scouring my books and Ravelry, debating and crying, and finally taking on organizing a lot of my yarn. Those who know me would definitely say my organizational style is ‘chaotic’, at best; not in the since of organizing my life,(despite that one day this past week when I somehow managed to get all the way across town to work before I realized I had forgotten to put on a bra), just in the since of organizing my physical belongings.

There are now at least five brown paper or old Victorias Secret bags filled with yarn and the corresponding pattern with which I will use to make various cardigans and one shell/cowl neck tank-top. I’ve never been this organized! Now, if only I could just power thru all these other pesky little projects holding my back from full-bodied greatness, then I would truly be in business.

Well, here’s looking at a summer full of warm cardigans!!



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