Big Girl Problems

There are many reasons to be at a healthy weight. There’s better over-all health, the ability to squeeze into tight spaces when applicable, and looking relatively appealing in and out of clothes.

Many of those who know me know that I can budget my money pretty well. I can save, and boy-howdy can I spend it. I have crunched the numbers, I have crunched my flabby gut, and I have finally found a solution.

I can save SO much money on yarn if I lost just about 20 pounds.

I’m a big girl, I’m not ashamed of it. I weigh about 184 pounds, pretty much overweight even on my 5’11” frame. Typically, depending on the yarn, pattern, needle size and all that jazz, some projects take a lot of yarn. Yarn prices also vary from $8 a skein for a nice cotton/alpaca blend all the way up to $30 for silk an cashmere. Now I personally have never paid more than $16 for one skein of yarn, but man is it possible around my birthday.

So, here’s my Shalom Cardigan I’ve been working on in this Knit-a-Long


It may possibly choke me before it’s over. I only had size 10 needles when it called for the very obscure size of 10.75. It’s very bizarre. So, I added two extra stitches, knit as loosely as I could, so hopefully I can stretch it with the first soaking. I’ve also decided to just make my own button for it. I have some black poly more clay wrapped up and ready to go, so here’s hoping.


One thought on “Big Girl Problems

  1. I have lost about a stone and a half since last summer, to reach a healthy weight (am now a “medium”), using my personalised Yarn Diet ( sustituting silky yarny treats for chocolatey ones)- you’re welcome to check out my archives!

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