Challenge: Accepted

I live for a good challenge, especially when it cones to knitting techniques. I have so many projects laying around because I easily get bored and move on to the next shiny opportunity.

I also love challenging myself whenever someone orders a specific item from me. Nothing puts on the pressure like bringing an idea together that’s not your own. I am a very detail oriented person, so I always ask a lot of questions about what you want and exactly how you want it. I freak out inside when someone tells me, “Here’s is a very vague example of what I want, so just surprise me in everything else!”

This was not one of those instances. I’ll call her the Irish Lass, and she’s a lady who knows exactly what she wants, aka my kinda girl.


You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of my cellular device. This scarf bares the Chanel logo. And yes, the tell-tale gap between the Cs is there, I promise. The scarf end on the right also has the legendary logo, but it’s on the other side. Blissfully, I was able to embroider it on without it showing on the plain black side 👍

I haven’t done a simple, rectangular scarf like this in a while, but I’m very excited to have learned something new I the process!!


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