Well, I suppose it’s officially summer for me. The only thing missing is school. All I have to do before graduating this December is my internship.

Long story short, that means working my butt off.

That won’t happen this next payroll week though. I only have two shifts. There are two new girls we just finished training, and they each have four shifts.

Eh, what can you do?

This week at least will be ok, as I have numerous knitting projects that require my attention. Such as this beauty:


I bought this yarn in Kansas City last week, and have been eyeing this cardigan for months now. Let me tell ya, this yarn is to dye for. I seriously want to make a cocoon out of it and snuggle all day, you get the idea. I started it last night, and hope I have enough to finish it.

But as I look around my house, with all this yarn just haphazardly lying around, it calls to me, begging to be used, like hookers on a street corner.

Ok maybe not so much, but you get my drift.

Here’s hoping that this internship goes thru and I’ll hopefully start getting better hours.



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