You know, on these odd days when I’m not working at least most of the day, or at all, I really do get a lot accomplished.

For example:


I washed, rinsed, and lay out to block yesterday, despite one of my cats deciding it would make a comfortable bed, it’s absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Which I do.


Thankfully it grew! Because it was significantly smaller before. Now the original Shalom Cardigan was to fit a woman with a 34″ bust, of which I… Well let’s just say that I am not Blessed in the Chest by any means, but I’m a bit bigger than some piddly 34″. But, with the power of water, it grew.

Now, the button I made from polymer clay wound up being too big, so I’ll make another one later today. I LOVE playing with polymer clay! This has been a lot of fun!

Also one the needles:


The ‘Hey, Teach!’ cardigan I posted about yesterday. Im just passing the day watching Les Miserables and hanging out with my four-legged baby girl you see snoring her head off in the floor. This yarn is even more luscious the more I work with it. Oh lawdy, it is wonderful! I’m already about 5″ in, so…hopefully that choice to go up a needle size will stretch the yarn farther to get me all the way thru it.

Not that I wouldn’t mind the excuse to order more. In bulk. You know, just in case, haha.


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