I’m a Tornado

Life would be SO much easier if I was an alpaca.

I wouldn’t have to worry about saving for an un-paid 600+hour internship. I wouldn’t have to stress about the crappy condition of my car. I wouldn’t have to deal with the weekly grind of Job #2 (a place I will refer to only as The Circus). I wouldn’t have to tip-toe and dance around assistant managers who aren’t really nice.

Long story short, I’ve only been getting two shifts a week at The Circus, and I’m really, really pissed of that all the brand new employees that share my job title, (that I started training) are getting twice as many shifts as I. I even asked The Man who runs the joint for more shifts this next week since he just-so-happened to be working on it, even though it’s the less than appealing manager-type who makes the schedule. I won’t even honor this individual with a cool alias, this person is that lack-luster in personality.

So again, life would be much better if I was an alpaca. I would spend my days grazing and munching…oh wait, I do that already, let’s try something else…

I would spend my days in the sunshine, my main concern would be only to be fluffy and magical. I mean for goodness sake, they are such an organized creature that they designate areas to poop! Quite, dignified, fluffy. That’s the kind of life I’d kill for.

Yes, if I were to stumble upon a genie or a witch, I would ask to be transformed into an alpaca.

I always think back to my yoga class, where we focus on our Purpose of the Day. Our teacher usually has the theme of “Joy” or “Peace”, and throughout the day when the material world over-whelms you, you come back, take your deep breaths, and center yourself in your Purpose. Sadly, mine lately has been “Do not bite anyone’s head off today”.

I’ve been really angry lately. Maybe it’s the anticipation of waiting to hear the yes-or-no of this internship. Maybe it’s the fear of a third failed attempt of obtaining one. Perhaps it’s the lack of exercise. Or, hell, maybe I need a distraction that only the male species can provide.


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