In Defense of Cake

Cake, is delicious. Particularly Angel Food Cake. To be even more particular, my mama’s home-made Angel Good Cake.


Even more amazing than the light, airy, perfect-without-icing flavor is that a heavenly 4×4 wedge is only 120 calories apiece. Even more delightful: it takes THIRTEEN freaking egg whites to make. You know what that means? Protein! Not just from the cake but from the big ass omelet/plate of scrambled eggs with the leftover yokes!

DELICIOUS all around, says I.

Now, why am I goin on and on?

I just got back from the recreation center on campus. After having just one slice of the afore-mentioned food and one banana, I engaged in about fifteen minutes of elliptical and walking, fifteen minutes of weights, and thirty minutes of swimming.

Now, I have a bad habit of forgetting to weigh myself before I workout. After all the dry-land work, I was at 182.2 pounds. After swimming and sauna, I clocked in at 182 flat.

I’m sure there may have been a couple of ounces differences between the first weigh-in when I was only in my swim suit verses the second when I was fully dressed to go home, but hey, even I’m not that paranoid about it. The point is since school let out, despite not doing so much exercise wise I’m still slowly but surely dropping that needle on the scale.

So, hence forth, I shall journey to the gym at least twice a week to get my sweat on. That is all


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