Well, I suppose it turns out that I will not be a Child life Specialist. I failed to get an internship.

Eh, life happens. Maybe I’ll try again in Grad School…thats a big maybe…

Now back to actual business:


I’ve put my applications in for other internships around town, but I’ve been mostly filling my time with spinning.

This is a blonde blend. I originally thought it was an alpaca and bamboos blende, but I was wrong, it’s alpaca neck, (which isn’t a very desirable cut), and a mystery wool. It’s holding up a lot better than that chocolate brown 100% alpaca I spun last time.


Ive got 52yds of it so at, and still have a few more ounces to go!

I’m still a little broken hearted about not getting the internship, but there has been an unanticipated perk to not having to save for a 14week in-paid internship:

I have plenty of extra cash in the bank to keep saving for car, AND have plenty of money to buy myself a SPINNING WHEEL!!!!


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