I’ve been very busy the past few days. Today I had the whole day off. I went shopping and got some super cute outfits, ate some orgasm-worthy sushi, spun some silk and watched Hamlet…

…and even ate some Turkey Testicles…


They weren’t as bad as I thought. Probably won’t ever eat some again. Now, on to more pressing matters:


Oh I am so excited!! It arrived last night. This is a Kromski Prelude, made in Poland. And I’m soooo excited to get to spinning on it!!

Funny fact: They used advertisements from Polish grocers as extra stuffing!

I bought it unfinished, because I originally wanted to paint a Black Walnut finish on it. Alas, they don’t carry such magic in a bottle. I particularly like Black Walnut. I don’t know if y’all do much carpentry, I don’t, but my uncle does, and once this particular wood has cured it has a beautiful purple cast to it.

However, I settled for this beauty:



It's called Bombay Mahogany. Whereas the Kromski company offers wheel already done in a clear, Walnut or Mahogany finish, I was drawn to the blood red cast to this particular stain. I still have to do a little light sanding on all these various pieces before I put the stain to it. But hopefully by this time next week, I should be treading my feet off!

Hope everyone is having a blessed week!!

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