This Sucked

So, remember that silk I was spinning the other day?



This was the most horrifying project I’ve ever done. This 100% silk nightmare was spun from those fancy handkerchief things… I don’t know the technical title of them but that’s what I spun them from.

It was like working with cobwebs. I don’t like spiders.

Spinning it was not only difficult, oh no. I then decided to ply it.

In. One. Piece.

That’s right. I had to be a badass and ply it from one ball, from both ends of it.


It was a harrowing ordeal. It was tangled numerous times beyond counting. I had to cut it twice. I wailed, I cursed, I prayed that it would mercifully come to an end.

But like the waves of the ocean and certain strands of herpes, it just kept coming.

I had to separate each strand between my toes, spread eagles not-so-gracefully on my couch by the time it was all over.

But thru patience, perseverance, and faith, I finished this bitch…


I now have 96 yards of pure silky agony. This truly is my worst piece thus far. It truly is thick n’ thin throughout the whole thing, it has knots and a couple of strands throughout, you get the idea.

Now, what the hell am I supposed to do with this?


6 thoughts on “This Sucked

  1. It may be lumpy and bumpy and thick and thin, but it sure looks soft…maybe if you stick it in stash for awhile the heart will grow fonder? And forget some of the agony.

    1. It’s extremely strong for silk, drafting it out from handkerchief form made me feel like I was on the verge of bursting an artery! I’m in love with the color, so I think I’m just going to hide it away for a while and surprise myself with it later, ha

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