Single Splattered Female Seeking…

Yes, splattered.


Polyurethane wood stain splattered.

Wood stain, I hear you ask. What on earth have you gotten yourself into now, Rachel? I hear you wonder…

That is RIGHT BABY!! I’ve been working with my uncle all day today. He’s a hobby carpenter, so I took my baby out for his professional supervision.

I don’t know what it was, be it just the Monday Blues or some Bad Ju Ju, but I kept forgetting things today, and had to turn around THREE TIMES before I had myself together this morning. I finally made it to the family compound, (inside joke, we aren’t a cult or anything), around noon.

In the course of using that wonderful social media outlet of Instagram, I have come across various other spinners who recommended that I use a pre-staining conditioner. Apparently they were right, because just from the clear coated application I could see which areas stayed wetter for longer.

I managed to not only pre-condition everything just in time for me to race back home to go to work…

…until I took this picture and realized I had obviously missed the most important part! THE WHEEL!!

Blissfully, my uncle promised to slap that first coat on for me. I was a little late to work, but the hard part is over! Tomorrow is going to be another adventure entirely once we assemble it, but y’all, I am one excited girl!!!

Bless you all and hope you survived your Monday!


2 thoughts on “Single Splattered Female Seeking…

    1. Rogue Crafter it is going to be beautiful!! I originally wanted to use a Black Walnut finish, because it has a naturally occurring purple hue to it once it’s cured. Alas, no such color exists. And the only funky colors came in a water based stain, which would warp the wood.

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