A Whole New World

I talked to one of my Child Life mentors today, briefly over text. I finally fessed up that I had failed to attain that elusive internship, for the third time.


Total cringe moment. This lady has been a huge support to me on this ride, and has been a friend of the family for years, so I can’t help but feel ashamed, like I failed.

I mean it’s obvious, and everybody keeps telling me ‘It just wasn’t meant to be’, but hot dang people! You can’t just blow something off just like that! Half of the people have no idea what this field is or the amazing good it does.

At least it wasn’t a face-to-face conversation, I probably would have crawled away.

I went on a furious spinning rampage.


I am so happy I got 8oz of fiber to practice with in this wheel, because some of this is coming out all kinds of whack.

I learned the importance of oil tonight, I took off for about an hour, and then got to the point where my bobbin wasn’t even full, and went ahead and stopped and tried to ply some of it. I got about maybe 50yds out of both of these little skeins. And there’s more than enough left on the bobbins.

This is definitely different from that little drop spindle. I’m almost scared to go ahead and start on my fiber that I got from my aunt and sent to the mill, it’s good fluff, but I want to make sure I don’t waste any of it on practicing on the wheel and it turning out all crazy.

Speaking of fiber, my aunt has sold her last two alpacas. She found a good home for them, but I’m still a little bummed I won’t get to go out and frolic amongst the fluffy goodness.


Oh yeah, all of it. She has two blankets that she’s already picked thru by hand and is ready to send to the mill, and about ten more in a storage unit.

I have died and gone to heaven y’all.

There are white, blonde, and chocolate brown blankets in there. Oh man, just writing about it perks my spirit right up.


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