Look at that beautiful yarn. I did that today. This is the first example of my own custom-blended fiber. 80% of my aunt’s alpaca, 20% of the mill’s merino.

Please excuse me a moment, this is going to be full of brag able moments.


These four skeins are all of the practice fiber I got free with my wheel, and I’m pretty sure the fiber is simply 100% merino top, but i could be wrong.The far left is the last stuff I did, about 70yds of significantly more even yarn than that crazy hot mess on the far right. All together, about 150yds of progress!!!

This is the result of my finished custom blend


This wheel comes with several options from the Kromski brand, including a Jumpo Flyer for extra bulky yarns.

I think if you look close enough at this picture, I think you’ll agree that I need one of those


Insert inappropriate joke about stuffing something too tight. And I still have about 4 pounds of it to go!!!!

Now, it’s time to think about colors…

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