Corruption to the Craft

I’ve been a very wicked girl this week!

As I previously posted, Bloody Mary is now spinning away on her home-made drop spindle, and Frenchy has finished knitting her first dishrag.

But it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about The Hookers.

My Hookers and I go way back. There is my cousin, Brookumz, and our mutual buddy Sarah. There was once a third, Chelsey, who sadly passed away in a car crash about two years ago.

There are no such things as coincidence. Today I took in a sample of my latest spun yarn to Job #1, and it just so happens that a very nice customer went to our usual yarn haunt called One City Market. There she ran into ‘a girl who knew me who was buying a drop spindle’.

It was Sarah!!

There are no such things as coincidences. Sarah is still experimenting with knitting here and there, but now she’s jumped on the spinning wagon! I’m so pumped!!!

Every time I introduce someone to the world of Fiber Arts, I feel as if I’m corrupting their souls or something, I mean I know I’m just teaching them a new skill an all, but I watch them as they focus on their task at hand, I can’t help but giggle evilly.

So, here’s that latest skein I’ve cranked out:

That’s 120 yards total!!!

As you will see, I’m slowly getting more consistent with my thickness consistency throughout as I spin…

…but I am nowhere near good enough to get much more than that on my bobbin as I ply it. I mean, I’m getting better at good-old 2-ply yarn, but if I ever get crazy enough to go up to more, I’m out of luck.

The Jumbo Flyer and bobbin set for my Prelude is almost $80. All the people I’ve been in contact with this same wheel have been telling me to just bite the bullet and buy it, but I’m still hesitant because I haven’t even made enough yarn to sell yet!

Only time will tell I suppose



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