I put my two weeks notice in at The Circus, aka Job#2. Not only did my co-hostess call in “sick” again, therefore not allowing me a lunch break between working there and racing to Job #1, but the schedule was posted later that day and I saw that she was awarded three shifts next week.

I was only given two.

Not cool. I was already scheduled for only two shifts this week, but by sheer luck and childhood illness, I managed to pick up two more. That, however, is not hair entered to happen every single week.

So I put my notice in, calmly explaining to my boss that over the past 14 months I’ve worked in this hell hole, I have only called in sick once at the last minute, that I had rarely taken any vacation time or made any trouble amongst the restaurant itself. I closed with pointing out that I trained all the remaining hostesses he has left. And, it just so happens our newest girl who transferred in from another restaurant was 20 minutes late today.

Point proven, me thinks

This is going to be a huge blow to my income after I finally end my last shift, but I have come to trust that The Lord will provide, and He will sustain me until another Opportunity falls before me.

I also hit a snag with my aunt, who originally told me that I could have all her remaining alpaca fiber for free…it turns out she didn’t exactly clear this with my uncle…

This works pretty well for my conscious, actually, as I hate to just take all the fiber and the skirting table my uncle made for her with just a thank you.

It costs a lot to process this fiber, and don’t get me wrong, and as a wanna-be business woman, i know enough to realize that you want free capital to get started, but you don’t steal from family, especially in down economic times. So I’m going to sneak her a check and run away. That should do it.

This hasn’t really been a happy crafty post, but thanks for reading. I appreciate you. I have some pretty stellar plans this week for myself, The Hookers and Bloody Mary, but not tonight.


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