I have finally named my wheel.

Her name is Scarlet. Not only for the deep red color, but for my character twin and favorite anti-heroine, Scarlet O’Hara.

Scarlet and I are going to be very busy in the next few days.


I went and blew half of my check at two Wal-Marts today to pick up some goodies to get started with mass-dyeing of my yarn!!

I retrieved:
1 drying rack
1 electronic food scale
Alum and Cream of Tartar
And some stirring spoons

The pot and the dye kit I already have. In fact aside from that big o silvery pot, I have two smaller enamel pots.

Bloody Mary is coming over on Thursday, we’re going to concoct some witchcraft and bust out this rainbow due kit from Ashford.


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