Oh dear…

Bloody Mary and I were very productive yesterday.




I set everything up before she got to my place, just to get things moving. I used that Synthrapol pre-soak again, and I think I need to get myself a little eye-dropped thing.

The acid based dye is Ashford, it’s a one-pot dye kit I got from my Hooker, Sarah for my birthday. The acid is 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Then add more hot water to even out the mix.

I think this is going to be a project I do on special occasions. The Blue color was the worst: it was almost like pouring talcum powder, one foul sneeze and it goes everywhere. The yellow poured into my little due bottles like salt, so I guess I should have paid more attention in chemistry class when it comes to why some pigment is easy to use and others are a hateful bitch.

But, we got it done. I was so afraid to do this: this dye process is just dye in the bottom of a big pot with very little excess water, opposite of my koolaid dyed yarn.

But suffering builds character.

It didn’t exactly turn into a rainbow…in fact there is nothing relatively rainbow about them at all.

The two smaller ones kinda remind me of the desert, don’t ask me why. The biggest one has a little white in the blue area, so again, I kinda feel like I’m looking at a picture as opposed to yarn.

The biggest issue: I have no idea what to do with it. I know I can’t keep all of it, an honestly, I’d love to spoil my friends with yarn all day long, but the reality of just how much money it took to process this fiber into the beauty you now see before you makes this a ridiculously expensive hobby. My hometown is not really a hard-core fiber arts center, people loose their minds when the cheap acrylic yarn goes on sale. Several of my mom’s clients, (she’s a hair dresser), crochet, but they only use that crappy Red Heart bullshit.

My name is Rachel _______, and I am a yarn snob.




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