One Day More

Tomorrow is my last day at The Circus. I sincerely contemplated calling in ‘sick’ like some of the other new hosts do on a regular basis, but my anxiety over finding a new job and having ‘well she didn’t even bother to show up on her last day’ stuck to my record.

I plan to leave early, regardless.

And if any of those little twerps I trained call in, I’m walking out on the principle of not coming to the rescue anymore.

Seriously this place owes me a cape for all the days I’ve held down the fort, by myself and, most significantly, on an empty stomach.

My bosses at Job #1 have been, as always, amazing.

Aside from a pretty much disastrous interview for an internship that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet, I had lunch with an old friend and former Circus co-worker today. Haven’t picked a nickname for him yet. He’s visiting from St. Louis, and it wasn’t until we sat down that I realized just how much I missed the pleasure of his company. Long story short: he’s a really awesome dude.

It’s slowly hitting me just how much free time I’m going to have on my hands after tomorrow. I really am a little freaked out. Don’t get me wrong, my reliability has been taken advantage of more than I can stand, but dang am I going to miss that paycheck. God Willing, things will fall into place.

…because I have big, big plans coming up…


My first Fiber Festival!!! I’m so excited!! This festival offers numerous demonstrations, technique classes and, most importantly, SHOPPING!!!

They also have a speed-spinning competition and yarn show, with some fabulous prizes!! I’m really looking forward to Labor Day weekend!


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