Warning: Angry Post

Today sucked.

I try to keep this blog a happy place where we can all come together and geek out over our love of making pretty things, and there have been a few not-so-happy posts here and there, but this one takes the cake.

As we know, I quit The Circus. Job #1 isn’t doing so hot. I have no internship and, oh yeah, school starts in two weeks.

Today I found out that the job at a local charity did not go thru. I had a friend on the inside pushing me to apply to take her place, I have a lot of experience working with families in need of this particular charity, but no. Denied. Again.

I should have listened to my parents when they told me this degree in Child and Family Development would lead me nowhere but a daycare. No, I said, I can take this degree and actually make a meaningful, impacting career out of it I said. Becoming a Child Life Specialist is what I was born to do I said.

I’m an idiot, apparently.

Today just came to a boil: To distract myself this week, I caved in and ordered a Jumbo Flyer for my wheel, Scarlet. Well, being the first of the month a few days ago, I forgot I have a bill that automatically withdraws from my account. Therefor, The Woolery kindly called me and let me know I was short on cash to pay for it. I had them cancel the order, went to the bank to transfer a little extra to cover it, and wait until yesterday to make sure the money cleared thru and ordered it.

That was when I discovered that, overnight, the flyer jumped ten dollars in price

I could just die. I was so livid. But, I was supposed to pick up my check from Job #1 this weekend, so I knew I’d be clear.

Sorry Rach, we had another mix up with payroll so checks won’t be printed til Monday

Again, I could just curl up in a ball and die.

Sorry folks, just ha to let it out. I am in the verge of finishing this first batch of white alpaca/merino fiber, completing almost 1,000 yards so far. So, there’s something to celebrate I guess

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