Great News!!

Ok, hey everyone! Sorry about last week when I went on a bit of a tantrum on you all about ‘woe is me and my first-world-problems’ and such. This is an over all happy post!!

First and foremost: I got an internship!!!

I will now be spending my Fall semester working with families at a local battered women’s and children’s shelter right here in my hometown! Super excited!!

Just like my Child Life practicum last fall, this opportunity literally fell from Heaven straight into my lap. After a panicked email berate with my advisor stressing out over what on earth I’m going to do with my life, I managed the get in contact with the people here last Friday, went in for the interview on Monday, and started yesterday!!

Can I get a hallelujah people?!

I started off back where child care is provided, since I have loads of experience working with kids. The teachers are awesome and I had a great time. I was only hit twice.

I blow this off because some of these kids I’m sure have seen crazy bad stuff in their short, delicate lives, so as agitating as it was, I handled it the way I was trained to in all my courses from the university. It probably won’t be the last time either. We shall see.

Even better: I came home from a great first day to find my Jumbo Flyer and 8ozs of this badass teal Correidel wool had arrived!!!

Today was just as exciting. I spent several hours in the main office. It wasn’t as hands-on as it was back with the kids yesterday, but I learned a lot.

One thing I am confident will happen: This internship is going to get me in shape. This shelter is HUGE, and the work is definitely fast paced with never a dull moment.

Sweet Baby Jesus really dropped me a great opportunity, and I’m so excited to get started!!!


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