No Boys, New Toys

One of the perks of being single is not only the lack of leg shaving, but also the free time I have to explore new possibilities with fiber arts.


I found these wool carders at one of the flea markets where my mama has a booth. Unfortunately, the dealer didn’t know what he/she had, because they were marked as individual ‘wool combs’, so I basically paid twice for them 👎

However, combined they were still cheaper than a brand new pair.

I found a lady on Instagram who processes her own alpaca fiber into rolags to spin without sending it to the mill. She was kind enough to walk me thru the process, so if I get my homework done this weekend, I’m gonna take one of my smaller pelts and give it a shot!!

Yes, homework I said. I still have 6 hours of confidentiality training to do with the local Shelter I’m doin my internship at.

So far, I love it. I’m so happy this opportunity fell from Heaven to me. There are some women and children who break my heart, and make me laugh, but I love how no two days are the same.


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