I’ve been trying to watch my money lately. I only have one job at the moment working Friday and Saturday nights, which I may only manage 2-4 hours a night. This particular job can be hit or miss on wether there’s enough money in the bank to pay me on time, but what can you do?

My internship is still doing well. I’ve completed a little over 40 hours in a week and a half, and I’m set to complete numerous projects as I go 😄

Now, like I said, I’m a little short on cash, but I could not pass these up tonight:

These beauties were on sale for $4.89 a piece!!!

Sure they are pretty basic patterns, and I wouldn’t really go so far as to call these ‘couture’, but there are several patterns that are totally adorable!


2 thoughts on “Bargains

  1. I actually won these books in a contest on someone’s blog a couple of years ago–I was a very new beginner and didn’t have the confidence to try any of the patterns then, but might go look at them now; thanks for posting! Update on patterns you decide to try!

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