Ok…I was wrong…

I’ve only had Scarlet, (my spinning wheel for those of you who are new to my fluffy world), for a few months. I quickly came to realize that the three little 4oz bobbins that came with the wheel were not going to give me any more that 200 yard skeins.

So I whined, I moaned, I resisted, but eventually I just womaned-up and bought the Jumbo Flyer


This wound up being 374 yards. See, now I can pack those little 4oz bobbins, which i hesitated and didnt do here, and over-load the Jumbo’s 8oz bobbin!! So I, Rachel _______, do hereby eat my words.

So, when I ordered the Flyer, I also ordered 8ozs of this amazing turquoise Correidel wool


Wow. I love it! I’m still a little inconsistent with drafting the fiber as I spin, but it’s a very delicate Thick-n-Thin yarn. I will definitely get my hands on more of this fiber!!

I’m gearing up to go to a fiber festival in a town called Mt Vernon at the end of next month, they will have several vendors to tempt me and my minuscule wallet. Eh, YOLO

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