New Things

Vent moment:

I went by the campus gym about an hour ago. I slid my campus ID card and an alert went off. Long story short, because I’m only registered as a part time student, I can’t get in because I didn’t pay (aka I was not charged) for the ‘student activities fee’.


Tonight I’m going to sneak into the older arena on campus and swim. It’s not as nice as the new pool in the new recreation center, but it will definitely fit the bill: this is the pool where I first started competitively swimming at age 12.

I need to loose weight, and unlike most people I LOVE going to the gym.

Now, back to business:

This is a wool picker. I intend to make one. A wool picker is used on clean and dirty wool to open it up, help get rid of some of the excess vegetation, and even blend different fibers together. My uncle who helped me put Scarlet together is the hobby carpenter, so I’m going to take some dementions I found online and see if he and I can craft one.


This pattern is called the Boneyard shawl from a designer called Stephen West. I’m making it out of that buttery yellow handspun yarn I dyed over this past weekend! I love it!

One of the good things I can enjoy about this internship is all the long meetings I get to sit in on that allow me to work on my knitting. Today I got to sit in on a class that is available for the women to partake in while living in the shelter.

The class was originally called Codependency. The lady who runs this particular class wanted to change it’s name, and she liked my idea of Embracing your Independence, score one for the intern!!

During this class, we talked about not only the dangerous situations women can be put in by being solely dependent on their abuser, but the mentality of depending on what others think about our selves that we wind up basing our personal worth on. It was powerful stuff.

The problem is: people have to WANT to change. Since starting this internship I have met people who are perfectly content to turn to abusive people to take care of them. It’s so distressing.


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