It’s barely the second week into september and I’m already way behind on my Christmas knitting.

I always try and typically fail to knit something for my friends and family for Christmas. This year the pressure is on because I have a whole list of employees at the shelter that I want to knit for!

But I’m having creativity issues

I have frogged projects with this yarn for days on end. I’m trying to clear out some of my stash to make room for my handspun yarn. I’m having such knitters block it’s not even funny.

I want people to actually wear my things. To hell about them having warm fuzzy memories about me while they wear it, I just want them to actually like it.

I think this stems from my mother and father rarely ever wearing the socks I knit them. My dads are still sitting on top of the dresser, collecting dust. He calls them his ‘special occasion‘ socks. We don’t have special occasions in my household. Oh well.

I don’t even know what colors these people favor!! It’s driving me totally bananas. I suppose it would be best to just make projects as I go and take notes, or I could just draw names out of a freshly knitted hat just assign them that way.


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