Tis Better to Give

This is Maryjane


Maryjane is wearing a hat. Long story short, my hat.

I live for doing custom one-of-a-kind knits for people!! She sent me a picture last week of a very plain black slouchy hat with a wide folded up brim. I don’t like simple, but she wanted it. Look closely at the top and you’ll see a tiny, inconspicuous cable.

The fun thing about social media is that mutual friends like what they see. Two people reached out thru Instagram wanting similar hats, but alas, I have no website. I’ve had numerous people suggest I start one up for some of my original designs and handspun yarn, or even just set up an Etsy account, but I’m so hesitant to take that step.

Fiber Daze is a festival going on in a little town about 40 miles from me. Bloody Mary and The Hookers will be going with me, so it will be one big epic Pilgrimage!!! And also, I will have my whole fiber crew with me at one time because they’ve never met!!! So stoked!!


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