Fiber Daze

Today and tomorrow is a little festival going on called Fiber Daze. They offered a few classes on various techniques and had about 15 vendors to shop from. I was super excited to spend the day with Bloody Mary and The Hookers, especially since they all had never met before…but sadly, The Hookers apparently did not realize that you need cash on hand, not credit cards. I was so binned that they only stayed maybe 30 minutes into the trip, but BM and I stayed and had a blast shopping.

We had to make two trips. I had purchased 1.5 pounds of this amazing batch of Mill Ends, (aka left over goodies from the big yarn company).

No idea what it is, but I do know it’s some form of merino super wash and maybe alpaca. It feels very similar to my own blend I’ve been working on for a while. From this same vendor Bloody Mary and I also bought some plain white merino superwash.

Now…a little blonde moment on both our parts… The vendor accidentally measured our roving out in ounces, not pounds. Now with fiber as with any object with mass, that is A BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE!!! But Bloody Mary and I were in such a state of La La Land and the poor vendor was so busy none of the three of us realize what had happened until we were already home!!!

So thankfully I had this lady’s card, and she was so apologetic and frantic that she had made such a mistake she kindly offered to hold the amount for us to come back tomorrow. Being the impatient sort, Bloody Mary and I hauled ass back out there within the hour. We don’t like waiting lol.

I highly recommend this lady, sometimes we all have off days, but she handled us very well, so take a look at her website for My Little Black Sheep. She’s based out of Garfield Arkansas.

Now, I also came home with a few other goodies from other vendors

Four ounces of fluffy, lustrous Blue Faced Leicester, or BFL

Eight ounces of this amazing black bamboo roving, which has an awesome matte sheen to it.

I am so excited to get to work on spinning this all up!!!

Going to a festival like this, I’m kinda interested in doing something crazy…like building an inventory…and selling it… Time will tell

P.s. This is Francis



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