Try Try Again

I tried to make some rainbow yarn again. This time, I dyed some of the Super Wash roving I got at the festival yesterday.

That’s about 3oz, give or take. You see I have very limited space to work. I laid shrink wrap out, and didn’t spill a single drop on the counter, so I’m feeling pretty accomplished.

And then as I’m lifting the long wrap up and into a casserole dish, all hell breaks loose. Dye starts oozing from both ends of the shrink wrap, it goes all over the dished draining in the sink, and I’m amazed that no one called the cops because I was throwing such a fit. I was so panicked about cleaning up before the stains set in I didn’t stop to photograph the crime scene.

Miraculously, it didn’t turn out too terrible. I nuked it for 9 minutes, wish I would have gone longer. I have a sinking suspicion this either not a merino super wash, or I needed to wash it more thoroughly, because it’s a little hard to draft now that it’s done.


I will definitely give it another good wash once I’ve plied it. I’m overall pleased with the vibrancy of the colors, but I vow to never try this rainbow confection ever again.

I used the last of the blue and scarlet red color I had today to make a batch of roving, this time just flat in the casserole dish with the shrink wrap on top.

I love the color process, I can’t wait to try it in my white Alpaca and Merino blend!!



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