The thing about cheap yarn

I hate money. I hate not having it.

In the instance when someone has come to me and wants me to knit them something, I always fear what to tell them when it comes to pricing.

So a former co-worker I adore and haven’t seen in months approached me to knit her a ridiculously simple infinity scarf. I go ahead and buy some cheap yarn just to keep the cost of making it down. It was soft and fluffy yarn, knit up quick, and was cheap in price. We went out for cocktails and talked life and politics and penises and had a great time. And she liked the scarf!!

…until she broke out into a rash from wearing it 😳

Horrifying. What am I supposed to do now??

The yarn was 50% wool and acrylic. As you know I am a total yarn snob, and I’m ashamed to admit I just wanted to cop out because the style of scarf was just so incredibly simple. I have learned my lesson.

Perhaps it’s the acrylic, perhaps she’s allergic to wool. Perhaps it’s just the overall cheapy aura surrounding the scarf and it’s causing her to suffer my bad juju.

Either way I’m taking it back from her tomorrow and wash it, in case its just a contamination issue, and If it’s still posing a problem, I’ll be making her a new one, at no cost of course. I’ll try to find a nice mercerized cotton if I can. I’ll eventually loose all my own money out of it but, if you ask for something nice, you should get it.

At least I’m catching up on my Christmas knitting:

Pokémon gloves for the office manager at the shelter I’m doing my internship at. He is the nicest guy in the world!! He also gave me the heads up about a job opening up at the shelter.

See, I’m about done with the actual internship, and I’m having the damnedest trouble trying to find an actual career. I’ve applied to local crisis children’s shelters, hospitals as a patient advocate, I even went so far as to apply for the ranks of the Baby Snatchers. Denied, denied, denied. Why? I don’t have my degree yet. I have LESS than 100 hours left to complete with my internship, and the ONLY requirement I have left is to show up and get my picture taken wearing a funny hat and gown.

There are two positions open at my shelter, I think I’m gonna give it a shot. I can only try.



2 thoughts on “The thing about cheap yarn

  1. Good luck with getting a job. I had a terrible time of it (I’m a Primary Teacher). Every job I went to I was told, ‘You don’t have enough experience.’ Whaaaat? And how do I GET experience? I’m sure you will get one soon, I managed to at my old school. Good Luck!

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