Tribal Wisdom

I LOVE new things!!!

Pay no attention to the chubby girl in the rocking chair, feast your eyes on my hands!!!

I don’t have a big enough Lazy Kate, or multi-bobbin holder, so I can only spin 2 ply yarn, typically. But I had read about this technique called the Navajo Ply, and the YouTube dirties delivered as always.

I’m shocked at how ridiculously simple this process is!! It’s almost as if I’m crocheting with my arm!!

I know the picture isn’t the best, but I cannot stress to you the sheer beauty of this handspun!! It is even, balanced and uniform. It almost looks like machine spun yarn!!

I think I will definitely be breaking out the 3ply yarn if, or when, I ever go to market my yarn. I’m so pleased with myself!! If I get done at the DMV before Game Night tomorrow night, I’ll dye it,

Oh, and about that scarf I made for my co-worker I made out of that cheap yarn?

See how dark that water is? That’s how dark the water was running AFTER THREE WASHES, with Dawn dish soap.

Dude. Seriously.

I haven’t even seen that much dye bleed-out from my Koolaid yarn!!! Damn you cheap yarn! It’s no wonder my poor friend broke out in a rash!!!

Lesson learned: Cheap yarn is bad, and from now on I will ALWAYS wash my products thoroughly before presenting it to anyone.

Learning new things all the time



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