The First Few Days

So far I’ve worked my first 16.25 hours at the Shelter. Its so weird, I still feel like an intern who still needs approval from my superiors before I make a major decision. Even tho I’ve already gotten my name badge and everything it still feels odd. Perhaps it’s because I was given so much responsibility towards the end of my internship, so we’ll see.

I have my select knitting projects stashed away

For those of you aware of The Bee Keepers quilt, this is the second one I’m working on. This is for my best friend Flexy. She originally wanted me to knit a Queen size blanket and I about soiled myself.

The good thing about Bee Keeper quilts is that all I have to do is carry a little bit of yarn and a little bit of fluff, and you can see them together later!!

Aside from the facts that it takes me 45 minutes to knit one Hexipuff, I think I’ll make some great progress on this.



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