My Space

This is the messiest space in my house

Just a big round coffee table with a boat load of my knitting stuff on it. My parents hate it and they’re always complaining about why this stuff isn’t in my room.

My room is 10×10. And after a dresser, entertainment center, trunk an my full size bed, there’s barely any space to walk, let alone put my spinning wheel.

I would LOVE to move out, I get my first check from the new job next week, so I think it’s time that I start breaking out of the cocoon. I would also love to go to Disney World with the Hookers next September since none of us were able to go this year.

Long story short I need to prioritize. I’ve always had to work for a goal, past couple of years it’s been “This job pays for your internship”, now that I actually have a career established, it’s weird.

On the plus side: I have ample amounts of knitting time!!

Ok it’s not really ‘ample’ time because I’m always busy, but occasionally the shelter is quiet and calm. I still have to finish this Age of Brass and Steam shawl this week, and the more I work with this yarn, the more I love my handspun!

I really enjoy my new job, I still feel like and intern, but I like it a lot. There may be occasions where I’m banging my head against the desk, but I can deal with the chaos.



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