Let the Countdown Commence…

I ordered my Graduation goodies today. I see now why more and more people are choosing to skip the actual commencement ceremony.

For a measly 25 Announcements, 25 envelope sealers, aka fancy stickers, plus my cap and gown I now just pissed away $140. After $30 worth of shipping. I had never heard such crap!!!

All anguish aside, I am excited to walk that walk. I’ll be one of only a few on both sides of my family to get a degree from a major University, not a technical school. I found out today that one of the hospitals I volunteered so many hours at is hiring for a full-time Child Life position. That really made me grind my teeth. I miss the field of Child Life. I miss working with kids and adults who actually cared about their kids.

Don’t get me wrong, Shelter Life is never boring. It’s fast paced, no two days are ever the same, and I have amazing co-workers. Sadly, being a non-profit, my income is less than that of a Child Life Specialist, (although that line of work would never allow me to have my own big mansion some day either), but I know after all this graduation hoopla is finished, I can budget myself a livable income.

So, I finished another triangle shawl last night

It’s so dinky!!!!!

It turned out a lot smaller than I thought, but I didn’t want to run the risk of having to crunch the numbers and make something bigger. It’s a little curly on the edges as you can see, but I’ll block it.

I was also a little naughty after pay day

Because me and Bloody Mary are big spinners now, the Priestess, (aka owner of the yarn shop we pilgrimage to two towns over), got a boat load of spinning fiber in!! This beauty is Malabrigo’s Nube fiber, in the color of Acro Iris. This is why I live Merino wool. Super soft, drafts like a dream!! Merino is my intimate favorite to spin!

Aside from splurging on yarn, I put aside the Blue Faced Leicester I was spinning. I don’t like that stuff anyway. I think just because the particular fiber I got was not processed well: It has a lot of excess vegetation and it just feels unclean.

Regardless, I’ll finish them both. Eventually…..



2 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Commence…

  1. Graduation stuff is such a rip off, I agree. I can’t remember how much it was to hire my gown and stuff, but it put me out of pocket a bit! I think it was something like £75 to hire, for a couple of hours! And then another £25 odd for photos! Urgh, glad it’s over, haha. Though I did enjoy the day itself. I was the first in my family to get a University degree too. 🙂

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