Statistics say that, yes, typically children gain an overall healthy and happy development when they are in a two-parent household. Studies are still lacking in studies of homosexual couples raising children together, but the general synopsis is two is better than one.

This isn’t a work-related thought, just to be clear.

Explain to me how your children ‘need a father in their life‘ when this father is abusing you right in front of them? That’s straight up ignorance.

Now, onwards to happier knitting news:


I love a good challenge. The picture on the left is a stocking I have been asked to replicate. No pattern, strictly eye-balling it from that picture and the measurements she gave me.

LOVING this! It’s one of three. Also in that picture is the progress I made as of almost 2AM yesterday. My hours at work are 3-11 at night, so don’t be alarmed that I’m an Insomniatic psycho.

I made even more progress tonight, and even got around to starting the embroidery of St. Nicholas!!

This may be the last post you see… Flexy wants to go to Kickboxing class tomorrow. My hamstring are still so tight, it feels like they could snap at any minute. Luckily, she’s still feeling the hurt as well.

Happy Monday to you all!


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