Who Needs Men?

In case you haven’t heard, I. Love. Wool.

Yes, yes I do.

Wool is soft, warm, durable, and makes beautiful things.

Boys, not so much.

Who needs a man to snuggle with when I’ve got this slouchy basket-weave cardigan made from merino wool from Germany?

Who needs the warm and fuzzy feeling of when that special someone nuzzles your neck and whispers sweet-nothing’s in your ear when you’ve got a hand-spun cowl that you died with food coloring like a boss?!

You get the idea.

I’m surrounded by my awesome co-workers who are free independent women who-don’t-need-no-maaaaaannnnnn, and it’s awesome. Im surrounded by all this Girl-Power and I dig it, (despite the fact that we are all adults who do not affiliate as ‘girls’ or ‘girlish’).

So, now that I’ve got that off my chest, check this out:


I was really worried about these stockings, I really was. The lady who commissioned me gave me a picture and told me that they were 22 inches long from top to toe.

However, what I saw in the picture and what I SAW when she gave one of the stockings to my Hooker Brooke for me to examine we’re two very, VERY different things.

Apparently, I am the third person to take up knitting these stockings. The one I physically held in my hands was long, skinny, and unlike the original picture two posts ago, the year and name of the recipients was embroidered on horribly.

So I was worried when I was finishing the toe. I had no idea how this lady measured the stocking. Is it 22 inches long considering the angle at the heel? Or did she measure the stocking in a straight line like I did?

Regardless, that baby is spot on! I’ve got to felt it A LOT, but I think that my eye-balled pattern did well!!

Two more to go!



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