Familiar Landscapes

As much as I love yarn and fiber, to have and to hold, to knit or crochet, I have never been great at sewing.

Sure, I got an A in fashion design, but I really can’t do much creatively. I can work a sewing machine and follow a pattern, but that’s about it.

I have, however, found inspiration in doing other things with scrap fabric, like everyone’s favorite, the Rag Rug:

Excuse the chipped polish and lack of pedicure. I LOVE Rag Rugs, they are probably one of the only crochet projects I actually enjoy. I tried Scandanavian rugs once, but I didn’t like it, too inconsistent. I did, however, run across this little gem while mom and I were cleaning out the spare bedroom the other day:

I don’t even know what it’s called, but obviously it is a loom of some sort. If anyone knows its proper name, please tell me. I only remember I spend $30 on it and never even finished this first project!

Terrible, I know. This month has me absolutely scrambling to get this stockings finished for that nice lady so I can get back to my own knitting, but I’ve decided that after the holidays, I’m going to take a break. I need a break from casting-on projects that wind up getting pushed aside. I’m not keeping that ghetto ass fabric I started with on this loom, (which I was probably only using these colors in the first place to use as an experiment,) and I think I’ll make something practical. Some thing I will actually need some time soon and therefore be motivated to finish.

Place mats.

You know, for your kitchen table?

It’s cheesy, I know, but I was always that kid in school who gave people recipes and potholders for Christmas, (I shit you not, potholders I wove on a plastic loom from Wal Mart) because i wanted people to have nice things for their after-high-school-life. I also have an abundance of Dish Cloth Cotton yarn, (also mostly from Wal Mart), that is taking up serious room in my stash. So, aside from my rant five seconds ago about not casting-on any new projects, I’m going to amend myself:

I, Rachums, will spend the months of January-March, finishing old knitting projects, and making dishrags.

This actually won’t hurt too badly, as a lot of people are getting married next year and, if you’re like me, no kitchen is complete without a hand knit dish rag.


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