I Get By

I’ve been able to talk to some friends of mine this week that have moved out of state, or moved back out of state. Perspective, this time last year the three of us couldn’t even dream we would be where we are now. I’m here Living the Shelter Life, my lovely Samantha is off in freaking Tahoe California completing an internship and doing The Lords work ministering to pre-schoolers at this awesome school, and sweet Haley is living our dreams as a Child Life Specialist back home in Texas.

Nostalgia. I miss working with kids, I really do.

Thankfully, I can depend on these lovely ladies to give me my own perspective on things that have been troubling me. Un characteristically, I have been frustrated trying to bend over backwards trying to make everyone around me happy on top of all the stressors that Shelter Life brings on its own when I’m at work.

Did I mention I have the A+ of Type A Personalities?

I am what I am, and all that noise.

I’ve made great progress on these stockings:

That’s was until, I shit you not, I held this up to take this picture that I realized that I did the heel wrong. The pretty motifs are supposed to be on the side.



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