Knitters Paradise

It is snowing here at my house and it does not look like its going to stop any time soon!

That’s our little kitty that lives in the wood pile, I was able to lay some food out for her before she ran off.

I’ve been knitting up a storm today! I finally finished the three stockings and, weather permitting, I’m going to deliver them tomorrow!

They’re all done an I can’t help but be proud of myself šŸ˜Š

I’ve also been trying to power-thru finishing a pair of socks I’ve been neglecting for months. They need to be finished before a party tomorrow night, so hopefully I can get it done.

I braved the weather to get my oil changed and get my mom a present for Christmas…which was a little hard to do because Rosie got ahold of my debit card last night.

See those lumps? Yeah, that’s bad.

So I managed to order a new card, which won’t get here for about two weeks, which means I’m pretty much shit-outta-luck with my fiber purchases.

So, I’ve got a-LOT of Superwash Merino heading my way, and I’m very excited to get back on my wheel and start cranking!!

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