So, I’ve finally finished all those stockings! I’ve been spinning in my wheel and getting back to ‘me’ projects a lot over the past few days, like that Kimono-sleeved pullover:

I’m making mine in a variegated green Malabrigo merino wool. It’s totally gorgeous and definitely NOT a sock-weight yarn like the pattern calls for, so the draping of this will be very interesting. This is a totally easy, almost brainless pattern to get into: whip out two rectangles in stockinette, sew them together leaving a little room for the head and body, then pick up stitches for the belly portion. Simple, time consuming, and enjoyably.

Yesterday was a happy mail day, as I received a pound of Superwash Merino and some more turquoise corriedale wool:


Tonight tho I’m having a bit of an issue. Because I graduate this weekend, my co-pilot, who we’ll call H, went ahead and traded a night off with me. Typically, I only have Thursday and Friday nights off, but because my graduation party is on Saturday, we swapped. I’ll work Thursday night, but she took tonight off because she has finals. Tuesday nights we receive a donation from Panera Bread for the residents of the Shelter to enjoy. Typically I go get it, because if H goes to get it, all he’ll breaks loose.

Tonight, H had the night off, but she went ahead and went to pick up the donation. Since she was off, I was all alone and couldn’t retrieve it, you see.

Tonight was the biggest haul we ever had! It took 5 of us, me, H, and three hungry residents to get it all squared away. Somehow in the process of this my back became strained, sitting, standing, and laying down are almost unbearable.

Hopefully I can still walk across that stage on Friday.

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