Holiday Spirit

This is Brooke, on of my hookers. Tonight was our gift exchange, we had some nice hibachi dinner and watched a few movies. Naturally the Hookers expect some handspun yarn, so I brought them racha skein! Brooke prefers to wind all her yarn by hand, she’s worse than any cat I’ve ever seen!

Sarah crocheted me a cute little dragon

It’s been a few good days off, I had a huge mutiny on my hands Christmas Eve and let me tell you, I am not putting up with any nonsense this weekend!! It was completely absurd, but I have come to see that this is just a characteristic of the poor: when there is free food, hoard it. But the sheer lack of gratitude on the parts of the women pisses me off.

Oh well.

Ghandi once said “Some people are so poor they can only see God in a loaf of bread”, I’m here to tell you that when there’s extra donated food and nowhere to store it, these people go absolutely batshit crazy.

But the past three days have been utter bliss. Cake, presents, and time with family. I am dreading going back tomorrow because it will be another 2 days by myself, but I’ll survive, I have no choice. So I’m going to enjoy my last night.

And tomorrow, I test drive more cars šŸ™‚


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