Today marks the end of my 90 day preliminary probation at my work, and I can honestly say I’ve come a long way since that first Monday night in October. In the past three months I’ve built relationships, overcome professional obstacles, graduated college, and pushed through some really bad nights that left me crying.

And of course, tonight would be the most challenging night of all.

A toilet exploded, not literally but just as well. It flooded three rooms and a major hallway. Thankfully, the handyman arrived promptly and cleaned it up…only for me to discover three hours later that the toilet flooded again with a vengeance.

After the first cleaning, H and I are chilling out in the office chatting with some residents, when one of them decides that me and H need to know how to Twerk. So fifteen minutes later, our office becomes a total dance party! It was the ultimate highlight of the evening!

Then, one of my particularly favorite residents was injured and had to be taken by five very handsome firemen to the hospital. My old memories of a Life Guard kicked in as I’m waiting for the paramedics, but let’s just say this: The people I work with who live here really have no respect for minding their own business!

And after that, some insane individual sat on our front porch screaming, wailing, and thrashing around like she was possessed by demons. No idea where this person came from but she finally left without us having to call the police.

Tonight really put me up to the challenge tonight, and only tomorrow will tell if everything will be ok. H and I agreed that since we’ve been employed, this by far has been the most stressful evening ever.

So, in fiber news:

I got an order for some lacy, ruffled boot socks from a family friend, and I’ve been knitting like crazy trying to get them done! Eventually, I just made up the pattern, which I’m trying to write out for future reference. Yes, as you can see, they are not legitimate socks, but for the modern woman who wears tall riding boots with skinny jeans, a full sock OVER skinny jeans just doesn’t sound comfortable, you know what I mean?

I’m about 1/3 of the way done with the second leg, then I just need to crank out a second pair in grey!

I also got a few great knitting books for Christmas


PLUS my knitting labels finally arrived!!!

Yeah baby! “Blue Merino: Hand Knit by Rachel”!!!! I’m so excited to use these it’s not even funny!!

And to top the new year off right, I colored my hair 🙂

That’s not an excess of blush, by the way, that’s what I get for fake tanning, ha.

I’m looking forward to a new year full of growth, work, and new adventures in fiber!



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